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The experienced Los Angeles business lawyers at The Altman Law Group provide consulting and business litigation services to individuals and businesses throughout the Los Angeles, California area in a wide variety of civil law matters. We represent everyone from sole proprietors all the way through large corporations with hundreds or thousands of employees. We handle business and commercial law disputes, insurance and banking disputes and litigation, entertainment contract disputes, real estate ownership and land disputes, trademark and copyright litigation and defense, contract drafting and negotiations and many other areas of business law and litigation matters.

We are your choice for an experienced business law attorney in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County and San Diego County. When you retain our firm to assist you, you benefit from our hands-on approach and aggressive pursuit of your case. We have wide range experience in many business areas and push hard to resolve your case. While our clients generally do not plan on getting into litigation, they have a strong ally with Altman helping to expeditiously get them out of litigation and back on track to manage and grow their businesses going forward. Altman focuses on informing our clients of the key legal issues they face while minimizing collateral risks for their business until the litigation can be concluded.

Altman Law Group understands that most business owners want to work with a law firm with exceptional knowledge and understanding of business law and related matters. The attorneys at Altman always take a hands-on approach to every case we accept, making themselves available to personally meeting with clients and gain understanding and insight into their business and the nature of the litigation. Altman Law Group is highly skilled and prepared to take your business law case to trial if that is what it takes to achieve the best outcome, although the vast majority of cases we are able to resolve well ahead of the need for a trial.

We provide a wide range of legal services to individuals and businesses in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, including:

Unfair business practices

Partnership/ownership disputes

Contract drafting and negotiation

Employment law issues

Business torts

Business purchase and sale

Business litigation

Land and property disputes

Contract interpretation and analysis

Breach of contract

Intellectual property protection and defense

Securities law and compliance

We serve all types of businesses throughout Southern California. Each business is unique, so it makes sense that there is no one size fits all business solution. We tailor our approach to your unique business needs. Our focus is on the successful resolution of your legal issues. Sometimes that requires a little legal work, other times it may be extensive. Altman Law Group is the best choice to handle all your business litigation needs.

Altman Law Group is experienced in the drafting, review, and negotiation of the various types of contracts and the diverse business relationships encountered in your everyday operations. We have handled many intellectual property cases, both on behalf of the registered owner and for those accused of infringing on the intellectual property rights of others. Altman is adept at handling issues related to state and federal securities laws, and is able to help your business navigate through the multitude of rules and regulations that never seem to get simpler.

We understand that in a tough, competitive, global marketplace, receiving timely and cost-effective legal advice about business transactions and those taking place throughout the state are imperative.  Our business law firm in Los Angeles, California stands ready to help you and your business tackle most of the common and uncommon legal issues your business will face. The goal is to try to simplify and streamline the legal representation required to minimize the time and expense of legal representation to allow you and your business to focus on managing the business, not the litigation.

The goal Altman Law Group is to always provide professional legal services tailored to the needs of the client. This includes always having direct access to the attorney or attorneys assigned to your matter. We respond promptly to phone calls, text messages, and emails and keep you informed of all key events. We respect that you have a business to run and we will not needlessly contact you when there is nothing to update, nor will we waste your time with endless conferences and discussions that are periphery to your legal goals.

For any business law attorney needs, put the skill and experience of Altman Law Group in your corner. Serving all of Southern California from San Diego County to Ventura County.

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