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Criminal Law Articles

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Great Bodily Injury Enhancement

CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE 12022.7 SENTENCING ENHANCEMENT FOR A GREAT BODILY INJURY If a defendant has been charged with specific felonies, they could face additional jail time if...

Gang Enhancement

CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE 186.22 – GANG ENHANCEMENT Under California Penal Code 186.22, any person who willfully participates in gang activities, or joins other members, while carrying out...


PENAL CODE 518 – EXTORTION IN CALIFORNIA California Penal Code 518 relates to the crime of extortion as using force or threats to compel someone to give...


PENAL CODE 503 – EMBEZZLEMENT Embezzlement is described in Penal Code 503 as the fraudulent appropriation of property by someone to whom it has been entrusted. Embezzlement...

Credit Card Fraud

PENAL CODE 484E THROUGH 484J: CREDIT CARD FRAUD IN CALIFORNIA California has several statutes defining and penalizing crimes involving credit card and debit card fraud.             PC...
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