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Voluntary Manslaughter

VOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER IN CALIFORNIA – PC 192(a) California Penal Code 192(a) describes the crime of voluntary manslaughter as the unlawful killing of someone upon a sudden quarrel or heat...

Vehicular Manslaughter

VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER IN CALIFORNIA – PC 192(C) Under California Penal Code Section 192(c), the crime of vehicular manslaughter is defined as driving a vehicle in a negligent or unlawful...

Theft by False Pretenses

CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE 532 – THEFT BY FALSE PRETENSES California Penal Code 532 False Pretenses can be committed in several different ways. Theft by false pretenses prohibits defrauding someone...

Reckless Evading

RECKLESS EVADING A POLICE OFFICER – VC 2800.2 California law defines felony reckless evading charges under Vehicle Code 2800.2 It is often referred to as “felony evading police,” and...

Intimindating a Witness

INTIMINDATING A WITNESS OR VICTIM – PENAL CODE 136.1 The crime of dissuading or intimidating a witness or victim is described by California Penal Code Section 136.1, and it...

Great Bodily Injury Enhancement

CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE 12022.7 SENTENCING ENHANCEMENT FOR A GREAT BODILY INJURY If a defendant has been charged with specific felonies, they could face additional jail time if the prosecuting...
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